How to Save on Your Next New Car

Buying a new car may not actually be the best way to spend your money on a car (I buy used) but the fact is that many people still love the look, smell and ‘feeling’ of a new car and, if that’s you, you’re in luck.  We’re going to look at 2 great ways that you can save money the next time you buy a new car.  Keep reading and the next time you buy new you’ll be in the driver’s seat, not the car salesman.

One of the first tasks that you have is to check the internet and compare prices online.  It helps of course to know exactly the car you want before you start.  You can always go to a dealer and test drive a car to find out if you like it.  (It helps if you don’t mind telling a little white lie occasionally.) Whatever the case know your prices and start doing some searches, noting the sites and the prices.Once you have your homemade price guide you’re ready to start.

Call the dealers and start going over prices with them.  Keep in mind that these guys and gals usually sell on volume which means that, to them, the price of the car isn’t a factor in their paycheck, the amount of cars that they sell is.  They will give you a rock bottom price because of this, and most experts agree that if you buy a new car from a dealer over the internet you will save at least $1000.00 to $2000.00 over a brick and mortar dealership.

Another great reason to use the internet to buy your next new car is that, when you buy a car online, you avoid the dealer’s financing and insurance department and all of their extra fees. Even better is that you can negotiate your price on your time when you buy online, from the comfort of your own home.

Want to go even further? Call the dealers and tell them all that they are in competition for your money and whoever gives the lowest price gets the deal.  Sneaky? Maybe a little but it’s certainly not illegal and will get you the rock bottom new car price that you want.

Once you have found the cheapest way to get your new car, make sure you save enough money as well!  Put away a set amount of money into an account specifically for your new car.  This will do wonders for reaching your goal in a quick and efficient manner.  If you’re a little short on funds when the time comes, then you can always make up the difference and apply for an online loan.

That’s some great info right there.  Use it when you buy your next new car and drive away a winner.



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