Higher Gas Prices Leading to More Carpooling or Mass Transit?

As the price of gasoline climbed over the last 12 months, many economists and transportation pundits were expecting a mini-boom in the number of drivers – especially commuters – taking part in carpooling programs and/or using mass transportation more frequently.

With gas prices spending a significant amount of time above the $4 mark, many of us were starting to feel financial pain every time we went to fill up our cars.  And since the easiest way to save on gas is to simply not drive as much, it would certainly make sense if there was a jump in the number of people carpooling and using public transportation.

Unfortunately, common sense didn’t win out this time.

According to a recent poll on GasBuddy.com, the recent bout of high gas prices has done very little to push drivers to carpool or use public transportation.

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