Drivers to Continue to Find Ways to Save Gas, Even if Prices Continue to Fall

It’s certainly no secret that continued high gasoline prices have put a serious dent in the budgets of most Americans. In order to cope and deal with rising fuel costs, many of us have had to begrudgingly make changes in our driving habits that even a year ago, would have seemed unfathomable.

After all, hasn’t it become the new Manifest Destiny for Americans to have abundant, cheap and convenient transportation?

As expensive gasoline started to become less of a passing fad and more of an entrenched institution, these subtle changes in lifestyle and driving habits became less of a nuisance and more of an necessity to stay financially solvent.

However, with the price of gasoline having now fallen for 17 consecutive days – and now down over 5% from its record high – one would think that the natural tendency would be for people to return to their “old” driving habits. After all, we certainly have become accustomed to driving whatever, whenever and wherever we choose.

Not so fast. This time it appears that we may have learned our lesson and are willing to let our recent change in driving habits become a little more entrenched.

According to a recent poll on, 67% of drivers will continue to try and find new ways to save gas, even if prices continue to fall.

Here’s how nearly 100,000 people responded to the poll, which asked: “If gas prices continue to go down, I will:”

  • 6% stated they will go back to their old driving habits
  • 27% stated they will drive the same way they do now
  • 67% stated they will still find new ways to save gas

Due to record high gas prices, many of us are walking more, driving less and moving towards vehicles with better fuel economy. Considering none of these changes are too dramatic or life changing, it’s easy to see why we appear so willing to make these recent adjustments a permanent part of our lives.

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