A Big Three Resurgence? Don’t Hold Your Breath.

The Big 3 American car manufacturers – General Motors, Ford and Chrysler – used to be the backbone of the American economy.  They were the prototypical blue collar, middle class employers, where a hard day’s work meant putting together a great American product for a good wage and benefits.

Now, these companies are more of a running punchline than American icons.  While all three are working hard to stay afloat and adapt with the times, it appears that they’re going to face very strong headwinds in order to keep their heads above water.

While I certainly have faith that all three companies will make it through their current problems in some form or fashion, I think it’s going to take a while before they’re able to completely turn it around and become profitable businesses again.

According to a recent poll on Daily Fuel Economy Tip, I’m certainly not the only one who thinks this way.

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Who Should Pay For Fuel Efficient Car Plants – Big 3 or the Federal Government?

It’s no secret that higher gas prices have hit America pretty hard.  While higher gas prices have placed quite a financial strain on the American public, at the end of the day, the “group” that might be effected the most might not be Americans in general, rather the Big 3 American car makers – General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.

After spending years building up the infrastructure to produce profitable trucks and SUVs, higher gas prices have really hurt sales at the Big 3 American car makers.  In an effort to stop the financial bleeding, many truck and SUV plants have been shut down, costing thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in lost sales.

These current conditions have led the senior management of these car companies to ask the Federal Government for some financial help in the form of low interest loans to help convert truck and SUV plants into facilities which produce smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles.

While this Federal intervention may seem like a good thing – after all, a healthy manufacturing sector has always been good for the American economy – according to a recent poll, Americans appear to be pretty torn over whether or not the Federal Government should help the Big 3.

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