Gas Saving Products – What’s Your Experience?

Having spent the last couple years running what I would like to think is a semi-successful site dedicated to fuel economy, I have received a ton of emails from individuals and businesses asking me to shill their “revolutionary” gas saving products.

Some ask if I will write about their product for free, while others offer money for sort of a paid review. (It seems odd to me to write a review about a product I’ve never seen, touched or used, but I digress.) I have resisted, so far, simply because I do not trust the claims being made by these individuals and businesses that their products not only won’t harm your vehicle, but will reduce your gasoline consumption by up to 40 percent.

I’ve received requests to write about products ranging from special magnets, to fuel additives, even to ways to run your car using regular tap water. I just can’t get myself to buy into the claims.

I can’t help but think that if these products worked as well as their claims say they will, then they would already be in our cars or in the gasoline we buy. I’m not a big consipracy theory guy, so I don’t think “Big Oil” is in bed with car manufacturers, forcing inefficient vehicles to the market.

I may be incredibly naive and/or overly trusting, but I just don’t think these companies – or the government for that matter – are out to get us.

However, in an attempt to try and be a little more open minded, I was wondering if any of you, the readers of Daily Fuel Economy Tip, have ever actually used any of these products, and if so, what sort of results you’ve been able to get.

Please post your comments below, and let me and everyone else know if there is in fact something out there that works as well as it claims. However, keep in mind, if you post anything that appears to be spam – i.e. with tons of links or just a link with a short sentence saying “this product is great!” – then I will delete the comment.

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