Fuel Economy Tip – Drive The Speed Limit

This tip is the first tip because it will keep you from losing your money not only to the gas pump, but to tickets and insurance as well.

According to Fuel Economy.Gov, for every additional 5 miles per hour (mph) you drive over 60 mph, you are spending an additional $.19 per gallon of gas. At today’s national average price for unleaded fuel, that would be the equivalent to adding over 6.5% to your gas bill.

Let’s look at it in regards to the amount of money you’re losing in a year by driving 5 mph over the speed limit:

If you fill up your 12 gallon tank once a week, that $.19 per gallon ends up costing you $118.56 per year!

Don’t tell me that $.19 per gallon doesn’t add up over time.

In addition to saving you money at the pump, driving the speed limit saves you money in additional ways:

  1. Reduces your chances for a speeding ticket (that shouldn’t come as a shock).
  2. Reduces your chances for getting into a serious accident.
  3. Because of reasons 1 and 2, you’re more likely to have lower insurance premiums.
  4. Reduces the wear and tear on your car, helping it last longer.

All of these things considered, speeding probably costs the average driver several hundred dollars each year.

Care to tell me again why you’re speeding?

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