Who Else Wants it to be Illegal to Text While Driving?

Picture the following scenario: you’re driving your normal route to work, minding your own business.  Then, out of the corner of your eye, you see that the car next to you started to slowly veer into your lane.  You look over and see the driver next to you is busy texting.

How many times has this very scenario happened to you?  Or, more importantly, how many times have you been the driver guilty of texting while driving?

It is currently illegal to text while driving in six states: Alaska, California, Connecticut, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Washington.  Attempts to ban text messaging are currently being made by many more states as well.

Are these bans prime examples of state governments overstepping their bounds and interfering with private matters, or should every state step up and ban texting while driving in an effort to protect “innocent” motorists?

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