Care and Maintenance Tips #2

Welcome back for Part 2 of out 8 Part Car Maintenance Tips series. Part 1 had some great Tips for what to do (and not to do) when you first purchase your car.Part 2 has many more so if you’re ready let’s get started!

The gasoline that you put in your car is extremely important.  Not the grade, which most experts say can be ‘regular’ for almost all cars, but more importantly where and when you buy it.  Finding a reputable station and using the same one all the time, if you can do that, is a great idea.

If you see the fuel tanker in the parking lot when you go to get gas turn around and leave to find another. When the underground tanks that hold the gas are filled it causes the sediment in the bottom to become stirred up and this sediment can go right into your engine and cause problems for the fuel injectors and filters.

Filling up in the morning, especially in summer, is a good idea because the gas will be less expanded from the heat and you’ll actually get about 5% more for your money.

If your car gets stuck in the mud, snow or wherever don’t try to get it unstuck too forcefully. The fact is, if it’s really badly stuck it will probably cost less to get it towed out than the damage you will likely cause racing the engine and spinning the tires trying to get it free. The reason is that repeatedly trying to ‘rock’ the car free can generate a tremendous amount of heat and this heat can damage the transmission, the differentials and the clutch.  If you use your car or truck in situations where this can occur frequently carry a bag of sand or gravel to help with traction when it happens.

Get rid of all the junk on your keychain.  This might sound silly but a heavy key chain can cause wear on the tumblers of the ignition and cause it to fail.  Experts say that you should only put the ignition key in the ignition and nothing more for the best results so maybe it’s time to get rid of all those silly tchotchkes you have and lighten up the load.

One of the most important things you can do for your car is to make sure that it is insured correctly and by a reputable company that will, in the case of an accident, replace all parts with original manufacturers parts, guarantee the repairs and let you take it to the dealer for all repairs.

And of course the very best thing you can do is come back and join us for Part 3.  See you back here soon!


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