Care and Maintenance Tips #4

Welcome back for Part 4!  We know you’re itching for more great Car Care Tips to extend the life of your auto and maintain its resale value so without much fuss we’ll jump right into it!

Keeping your car clean is one of the best ways to maintain its resale value, and that includes cleaning the dash and gauges carefully so that you don’t scratch the clear plastic over them. This can lead to problems reading them in the future and a lower price when you eventually sell it.

If your car didn’t come with floor mats you need to work on your negotiation skills and you need to purchase a set of mats.  These will take the beating that sand, mud, water and other stuff will cause to your car’s carpeting and can be replaced when you go to sell it.  A few bucks now for some car matts can mean big bucks later when you go to resell it.

When you clean your car, especially in summer when it’s hot outside, thoroughly clean your mats with the hose and get all the dirt out of them, then let them dry thoroughly in the sun. You can also use a foam rug cleaner to get out stubborn stains just like you use it in the house, vacuuming when dry.

Maintain all of the rubber weather-stripping on your car with a rubber protectant like Armor-All that is made specifically for this task. Never use a product that is oil-based as this can damage the rubber more than protect it. Treating it with rubber protectant will also decrease the likelihood that it will stick to the metal parts in cold weather and get damaged.

While we’re on the weather-stripping if yours is so bad that its letting water seep into your car its already past time to replace it or at the very least repair it. If it needs repairs go to a car parts store and ask advice from an expert.  If it need to be replaced you should really let the pros do it at you garage or at the dealership. Water seepage into any area of your car that’s not meant to have water on it can be very damaging and lower the resale value of your car substantially. If this occurs within the first months you should go back to the dealer for repairs as it should be covered by the warranty.

We hope you’re not only enjoying this 8 Part series but that the Tips and advice we’re giving are helping you and possibly opening your eyes to some things that you should be doing.  We’ll be back soon with Part 5.  Have a great day!




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