Care and Maintenance Tips #5

Welcome back!  Part 5 of our 8 Part Car Care and Maintenance series is all about protecting the interior and exterior of your car.  Doing this will not only keep it looking good but, when it’s time to finally trade-in or sell, will increase greatly the amount of money that you can on it and put towards the purchase of your next new car.

If you have leather upholstery you probably paid a lot extra for it so you’ll want to take care of it well.  This means cleaning it regularly and using a leather protectant made for cars to help it resist stains and keep it from cracking and fading later.

Cleaners that you use in your home can be used on regular car upholstery material but be sure to use them sparingly and don’t saturate the fabric. Scotch-guarding the fabric can also be a great idea to help it, like the leather, resist stains and stay better-looking longer and also keep its original texture.

If you have a baby and are using a baby seat in the car you should put a towel under it to ensure that you don’t permanently damage or stain the upholstery. A heavy piece of plastic can do the same thing and both will protect from the inevitable stains that baby will make.

All cars will eventually get nicks, scratches and gouges no matter how well you drive.  These should always be repaired as soon as possible to prevent moisture from seeping in under the paint and causing rust to start forming. Even a small, inconspicuous scratch can be the start of major rust damage so check the car often for these and have a bottle of touch-up paint handy at all times to make the necessary repairs quickly.

If you have a cracked turn-signal cover or a tail-light cover you could be risking major damage to your car’s electrical system. If water were to seep into the light assembly the electrical system could short-out and cost a lot to repair. If you can’t get to a parts store right away use colored duct tape that matches the light cover until you can get a new cover to replace the old, cracked one.

If you find that you have to replace a light bulb do so with care and caution. Clean the corroded socket well and brush it with a metal brush before putting in the new bulb. When you’re done seal the gasket with some rubber protectant also.

Use these Tips all the time and you’ll find that when you go to resell your car the price you’ll get will make you very pleased.  And of course come back and see us for Part 6!


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