Care and Maintenance Tips #7

We’ve explored many ways to keep your car running well and looking good and today’s Tips are more of the same.  Just to reiterate, keeping your car well-maintained will not only reduce your repair costs over the life of the car but will reduce your fuel consumption and thus save you money every time you fill up.  With gas at nearly $4.00 a gallon in most parts of the country using less gas is one of the best ways we know to save money.

Wheel-well splashguards are a very important safety device for your car’s engine and other parts because they keep water, salt, slush, dirt and other damaging gunk away from these vital parts.  They are also quite flimsy so check them regularly and, if they get torn off or damaged, replace them right away.  If you don’t have them on your car and it’s still in good shape you should consider getting them.

Many people skip cleaning their cars in winter because, well, it’s pretty darn cold out there to be fooling around with water. The problem with this is that during the winter, especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow and ice, the salt and/or sand that the road crews use to make the roads safer can be very damaging to your car.  Getting this off of your car as soon as you can and on a regular basis is vital to your car’s performance and looks. A well-done, thorough cleaning is important to do at least once a week but, if you can’t afford that and doing it yourself is out of the question, running it through even a cheap car-wash once a week is still better than nothing.

Waxing your car is also vital to its long-term looks and finish. Yes it’s a lot of work but, in the long run, it will keep the resale value higher and also give you a sense of satisfaction and pride that can’t be overrated. If you can afford it you can have this done professionally and experts recommend once a month in winter and once every 6 weeks in summer. If you need to do it yourself get a good brand of wax and follow the instructions.

Washing and cleaning the interior is just as vital and should be done often to make sure that stains don’t form and that dirt and debris don’t accumulate to the point that your car starts to smell unpleasant.

The time and energy that you out into maintaining your car well will most certainly pay off when you go to trade it in or resell it. Yes it’s sometimes a time-consuming pain but it really is worth the trouble.  Also worth the trouble is to come back for the 8th and Final Part of our 8 Part series.  See you soon!


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