Care and Maintenance Tips #8

Welcome back for the 8th and Final Part in our 8 Part series.  We’re so glad you’ve been able to join us and we hope that the Tips we’ve already shared have been helping you and enlightening you to what you can do to keep your car running well, looking good and using as little fuel as possible. Today’s Tips are the last but are just as important so let’s get started!

When you fill your car’s washer fluid tank never use water as this can freeze in winter and damage the entire system. Also, if you’re near the end of the fluid try not to use it until you can fill the reservoir again so that you don’t damage the empty system. If your washer tank is cracked you should replace it or, if you can’t right now due to financial reasons, use a heavy-duty plastic freezer bag in its place until you can.

Cars are tools and meant to carry us, and our stuff, to wherever we wish to go.  That being said you still want to make sure that you don’t overload the car, especially the roof-rack.  If you have to purchase something very heavy like sheet-rock, plywood, or anything else thatyou might first want to consider having it delivered, especially if the cost is reasonable.  It’s safer, it’s insured if they deliver and it won’t stress out your car’s suspension system or engine.

This is the same for towing as a load that is too heavy for your car or truck’s system could very well do some major damage to the drive train and over-tax the engine very heavily.  Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when towing or carrying anything with your vehicle.

Keeping an old blanket or, better still, a moving blanket in the car for when you need to put something on the roof is an excellent idea and will protect the paint from whatever you put up there.

Finally, securing anything that you put on the roof is vitally important for safety and to protect your car. If you’re going to do this regularly you should probably invest in a high-quality roof-rack, trailer hitch-rack or whatever you need for the types of loads that you’ll be taking.

And there you have it.  A multitude of excellent Tips and great advice for maintaining your automobile(s), lowering your maintenance costs, saving fuel and increasing your car’s resale value at trade-in time.  We truly hope that you’ve enjoyed all 8 Parts and wish you the best of luck with all your vehicles. Also we’d like to wish all of our reader’s a Happy New Year and a very prosperous 2013!



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