Fuel Economy Tip – Change Your Dirty Air Filter

Today’s tip will not only help you increase your car’s gas mileage, but will also help protect its engine as well.

Check your air filter regularly and replace it when it becomes clogged.

According to FuelEconomy.gov, replacing a dirty air filter can improve the gas mileage in your car by up to 10%.  At today’s prices, that’s the equivalent of saving $.27 per gallon, which means you can essentially pay for the new air filter from the amount of money you saved from two fill ups.

This past week, I conducted my own, very unscientific study after I changed my air filter.  My gas mileage for this past week was 33.77, up from 32.84 the previous week.  The driving conditions were pretty similar across the two weeks and the only real change I made was with the air filter.

Again, I know there are hundreds of variables at play here, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my car’s gas mileage increased 3% across the two weeks. 


  1. aside from parts and accessories that enhance the aesthetics of the vehicle, the car owner should also consider its oil/diesel parts to increase its performance. air filter is one diesel part necessary to be replaced at a certain period of time of consumption.

  2. For instuctions on how to exactly replace a car air filter. Go to http://www.2carpros.com/how_to/change_air_filter.htm I found it useful. I gives a nice little picture of what exactly the air filter looks like and were it is to.


  1. […] filter will inhibit air from getting to your engine and waste fuel as well as reduce engine power. Simply replacing a clogged air filter has been shown to improve a car’s MPG by nearly 10%. One thing to keep in mind however is that newer vehicles with fuel injection that is […]

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