Fuel Economy Tip – Check Your Gas Cap Gasket

Today’s tip is a good addendum to the Three Click Your Gas Cap post and is another cheap and easy way to save a lot of gas.

Check your gas cap’s gasket for cracks.

In order for your vehicle’s gas cap to get a proper seal (which makes sure vaporized gas does not escape from your gas tank) the gas cap’s thin rubber gasket must be in good shape. If there are any cracks or breaks in the gasket, the cap will not get a full seal and vaporized gas will escape from the gas tank which needlessly wastes gas and money.

Even if the gasket is in good shape, it may not be a bad idea to ahead and apply a small amount of lubricant to the gasket to keep it from dry rotting and to extend its life.

If you find that you do need to replace the gasket, you should be able to get the proper replacement at most auto parts stores. Even if you can’t find the proper gasket, it is probably worth it to go ahead and pay a few extra dollars and just buy a brand new gas cap.

Making sure your gas cap’s gasket is in proper shape is just another one of those small things you can do that can help you save gas and money without taking a huge cash outlay or time commitment.


  1. I bought a gas cap that appears to a plastic type seal for $6.oo last year.
    My engine light when on when it was
    cool. But when the weather got hot the
    engine light went off.
    A auto parts store had me re tighten
    and after a hour of driving the engine light went off.
    Is there a better gas cap that will seal good and where can I buy it ?

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