Fuel Economy Tip – Check Your Spark Plugs

Today’s tip will hopefully help you save some money on gas and help improve the performance of your vehicle.

Check your spark plugs and replace as necessary.

The purpose of spark plugs is to ignite the air/fuel mixture, which turns that mixture into the energy that moves your car.

If you’re driving around with fouled spark plugs, the air/fuel mixture will be ignited less efficiently, which robs your car of performance and needlessly wastes fuel.

So, how do you know when it’s time to change your spark plugs? According to About.com, you should replace your vehicle’s spark plugs every two years or 30,000 miles, although some plugs may get up to 100,000 miles before they need to be replaced.

Also, when the spark plugs become inefficient due to carbon build up, it’s time to go ahead and replace them.

So, this tip goes along with the saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” By replacing spark plugs as necessary you’ll improve both the performance of your car as well as its fuel economy.


  1. an interesting thing is that airplane engines have dual plugs in them. anyone who has ever flown a small plane knows about the differance in power when you have one plug firing vs two. and this is for the same throttle setting. just a thought that maybe we should have dual plugs to get more power out of the same charge

  2. Brian Carr says

    That makes sense. However, in terms of saving gas, it seems to me that having dual plugs would probably reduce the vehicle’s fuel economy as more power tends to equate to worse gas mileage.

  3. Not really… by having another spark in there, it can burn more of the fuel that is in the chamber, therefore creating more energy on the same amount of gas. The better the spark, the more gas is burned efficently, the more power there is… no extra gas is consumed… NGK is a great example… their iridium plugs have a better spark because of the diodes and metals, then there are other companies with platinum plugs (some melt, be careful)… but even if you just remember, the better the spark the better the burn, the more power you have for the same amount of fuel

  4. Nissan used dual plugs in some their cars trucks and cars, the dual spark plug ignition system two spark plugs guaranteed ignition of the leaner fuel mixture. The exhaust side spark plugs cut out under certain conditions, such as hard acceleration or heavy load, to prevent detonation. In essence it is two separate ignition systems, each with it’s own coil.

  5. Bajaj, Indian motorcycle manufacturer, has models with dual spark plugs for everything from 125-220cc and each one beats the heck outta other models with similar displacements.

    Each models name is even suffixed bY DTSi which indicates twin sparks.

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