Taking Care Of The Cars We Love

Our cars take care of us, we should do the same for our cars. Many hard-working people build a car so when it rolls off of the assembly line it is balanced in fluids and specifications. As we drive the car, the balance slowly is thrown off by wear and tear. This is why the dealers want you to bring the car in for all the routine maintenance to keep the balance of the car. Getting the oil changed is just the beginning of caring for your car. You are smart about everything else, be smart of taking care of your car.

Smart Car Maintenance

The engine in the car is one of the most expensive parts to fix. By taking excellent care of your engine, you can keep your car running to over 200,000 miles. There are no guarantees, but history shows that when a person takes care of their car, their car lasts. The first thing you always want to do is change your oil and oil filter every 5000 miles, or 3000 miles, depending on who you talk to. Keeping necessary parts lubricated is also important. You can find out about the perfect oil for your car at CITGO Lubricants. There are some parts on your car you can replace yourself and others need to be done by a mechanic. Spark plugs, windshield wipers, air filters, and tires are items that need to be checked and replaced when needed.

Keep Meticulous Records

Start right now with good record keeping for your car even if you haven’t kept a record in the past. There is no time like the present. You can make columns to record what you had done to the car, how much it cost, and most important when you had the maintenance done. If you have a new car, your owners manual usually helps with this. It is not enough to rely on the dealer to give you receipts. You should keep a detailed record yourself. It is really useful. This way if you can get something completed for less money than the dealer, you can have a record of it. A ledger helps you have a handle on your own car.

More Smart Car Maintenance

Keeping your car clean inside and out is always smart. If you just take a little time every week to have your car ready for the next week, it will make keeping it clean easier. Be careful where you clean your new car as not all car washes are the same. A hand car wash and dry is the best. The heavy machinery can sometimes buff off the wax that protects your car. Follow the instructions in your owners manual. Belts, brake pads, and radiator fluid are more areas that you want to keep up to date on your car.

Doing Things Yourself

There is some maintenance you can do yourself on some cars. The newer cars tend to be more difficult to maintain on your own. You can always check your own tire pressure and keep it balanced. You can fill your own wiper fluid. The more you know your car, the more you may be able to maintain on your own. If you are in doubt, then it is better to have a professional mechanic work on your car. If you can make friends with a mechanic that will not overcharge you or lie to you, it is the best thing. No matter whether you do your maintenance or you get it done, make sure you record everything you do on your car. If you go to sell your car, your maintenance record will help you get a better price because you can prove you have maintained the car.

Being smart about the maintenance of your car creates a feeling of freedom. Knowing that your car is in good proper order really helps in feeling confident in driving your car around. Keeping good maintenance on your car will also most likely lead to the least chance of getting stranded on the side of the road. Start your car maintenance records today.

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